We here at the Law Badgers are fearless fighters for social justice. Accordingly, when our clients are treated in an unequal manner, we will tirelessly fight to right those wrongs.

The incident described herein is exactly the type of situation that the Law Badgers will not allow to stand.

Charles Kellam is an accomplished writer, social media influencer, clothing designer being optioned for Saks Fifth Avenue, and business owner who never thought hate, discrimination, and racism would or could happen to him. He is the founder of Fruitful Rooster, which prides itself on painstakingly sourcing some of the finest raw materials available on planet earth.

Mr. Kellam was planning a photoshoot for his Fruitful Rooster clothing line. As part of the shoot, he needed an exotic vehicle. Mr. Kellam – while in Scottsdale, Arizona – decided to source an exotic vehicle from Exotic Rentals – an Enterprise Rent-A-Car business.

Once Mr. Kellam stepped foot on the Exotic Lot, he was systematically targeted for discrimination by Enterprise employees.

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On July 27, 2022, Mr. Kellam – an African American – and his assistant – a Hispanic man – walked onto the Exotic lot looking to rent an exotic vehicle for a photoshoot Mr. Kellam was holding to advertise and promote his Fruitful Rooster clothing line. As Mr. Kellam and his assistant walked through the lot with a plan to find the perfect car for their photoshoot, employees of Exotic – unbeknownst to Mr. Kellam – were already profiling him and his assistant.

As Mr. Kellam and his assistant approached each vehicle in the lot, Exotic employees – from inside the Exotic building structure – pulled each key fob that corresponded to each vehicle that Mr. Kellam approached.

The employees then activated each vehicle’s alarm system or door locks at the exact moment Mr. Kellam approached each vehicle. This systematic and vile routine occurred for every single vehicle. It should be noted that there were white customers on the lot at the same time Mr. Kellam and his assistant were there. Notably, none of the alarms or locks to the vehicles were activated for white customers.

Mr. Kellam confronted Exotic’s employees after being thoroughly embarrassed, humiliated, shocked, distraught, and fearful for his safety due to Exotic and Enterprise’s actions.

Enterprise’s only response to Mr. Kellam’s complaints has been to “clear the name” of Enterprise’s employees. Subsequently, Enterprise has informed Mr. Kellam – through counsel – that the employee in question has been terminated. This remains to be proven.

Enterprise has done nothing to address the vile racism committed by its employees.

Mr. Kellam has retained legal counsel with the Law Badgers. Sean Woods, a partner in the firm, will fight tirelessly and fearlessly to protect Mr. Kellam’s rights and hold Enterprise accountable for its endemic racism and discrimination.


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