Why do you need an attorney after a car accident?

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October 5, 2022

What does a car accident attorney do?

One of the questions The Law Badgers get asked all the time is, “Why should I hire an attorney for an auto accident?” Before we answer that, let’s explain what a Phoenix, Arizona, auto attorney can do for you. 

what does a lawyer do

Car accident attorneys are here to help you after your auto accident, whether it’s big or small. 

After your Phoenix auto accident, your number one priority must be resting and healing. You shouldn’t have to try and understand the law or talk to the insurance companies, and that’s where The Law Badgers come in. With over 60 years of combined experience, The Law Badgers are down to fight for you. 

What We Do

The metro Phoenix personal injury lawyers at The Law Badgers PLLC have learned what the law says about car wrecks, know how to navigate the legal system, and can handle your case. We’re even willing to take your Phoenix wreck to court if needed. 

We’ll also handle all of the conversations with the insurance companies so you can focus on getting back to everyday life, resting, and healing. Insurance companies know that once The Law Badgers represent you, they should talk to your lawyer and not you about your wreck or any injuries you’ve sustained.

Keeping your medical bills, the evidence, and all other records organized and put together also takes a lot. Our team will handle that for you.

Even if your Phoenix auto accident seems minor, you should still contact us.

Why you should hire a Phoenix area auto attorney

Now that we’ve explained what the attorneys at The Law Badgers can do for you, we can finally answer why you should hire a Phoenix area auto attorney. Here are just a few reasons you should hire us:

  1. You need to focus on resting and healing if injured.
  2. Arizona personal injury lawyers fully understand the law.
  3. The Law Badgers know what the law and your rights are.
  4. Your Phoenix accident attorney will help you understand what laws can apply to your specific case (each accident and each case is different).
  5. Our team can make sure you get the compensation you deserve.
  6. We can assist you with questions you might have, such as “How do I pay for my medical bills from my Phoenix car wreck?”
  7. We have the dedicated time, resources, and network to navigate your auto, motorcycle, or truck accident.

Again, trying to understand and navigate the Arizona legal system can take time, which is something you don’t have after being in a car wreck. The Law Badgers have the knowledge and time that’s needed. We’ve studied what the law says, have hands-on experience with auto accident trials, and all of our Phoenix auto attorneys have won cases in court.

Additionally, our team will ensure that your evidence, medical bills, and records are organized, so you don’t have to worry.

The cost of hiring a lawyer

After getting into an accident, you already have a lot on your mind, including how much it costs to hire your Phoenix auto attorney. The good news is that you don’t need to worry about any upfront costs. Attorneys who handle Phoenix personal injury cases typically work on a “contingency fee.” 

A contingency fee simply means that The Law Badgers get paid a percentage of the compensation you earn at the end of your case, whether through a settlement or a successful trial. And, on top of that, we don’t get paid if you don’t get paid. If you have any questions about your Phoenix auto accident, what The Law Badgers can do for you, or how our fee structure works, give us a call today for a free and confidential consultation.

How to find a good car accident lawyer

There are a lot of lawyers out there, so we understand trying to find one that will work and fight for you can be overwhelming. We believe all the attorneys at The Law Badgers are good attorneys (have we mentioned we win cases?), but we want to make this easy for you as well. Here are five things you should look for when trying to find a good car accident lawyer in Phoenix, Arizona—

  1. How long the attorney or law firm has been practicing;
  2. Look at their reviews and ratings (The Law Badgers have a 5-star Google Review rating);
  3. Where the attorney is licensed;
  4. What types of law do they practice; and
  5. If they have litigation experience, including how much time they have spent in a courtroom (hint: all of our lawyers have won cases and have extensive litigation experience)

These are just five things you should look for when hiring your Phoenix auto accident attorney. There are several other things you should consider, such as: if they’re a local Phoenix attorney, if they’re involved in the community, and if they’re down to fight for you and your case. The Law Badgers are local to Phoenix, involved in the Phoenix community, and are always down to fight for you.

Give the attorneys at The Law Badgers a call if you have any questions or if you’re ready for us to start working on your auto accident case.

Should I hire an attorney for a minor accident?

Even if your accident seems small or minor, you should call the lawyers at The Law Badgers before speaking to your insurance company or the at-fault driver’s insurance company. Here are 3 out of many reasons why you should always call The Law Badgers first:

  1. Injuries can develop over time and may not be known at the time of the wreck;
  2. Damages to your vehicle may not be detected until a later time; and
  3. Insurance companies want to pay you as little as possible, especially if you tell them, “it’s just a small fender bender.”

If you have questions about your Maricopa County car wreck, whether big or small, reach out to us, and we can answer your questions. Or, if you’re wondering if you should reconsider if your accident is minor or not, we can help you with that too. 

Hiring an attorney when you’re not at fault

If you don’t cause the accident, you should still hire a Phoenix car accident lawyer. 

Insurance companies are not your friend when it comes to an auto accident – especially if you’re not at fault. If you get into an accident, call The Law Badgers BEFORE speaking to the insurance companies, including your own! 

Insurance companies have a team of lawyers, adjusters, and claim representatives who will do as much as possible to ensure you get as little as possible. And, they’ll use anything you say against you. Let your metro Phoenix personal injury lawyer talk to the insurance companies because they know what to say and what not to say. Whether you get a settlement or the case goes to court, The Law Badgers are here for you during this difficult time.

Another reason you should hire the Phoenix accident attorneys at Law Badgers is so you can get all of the compensation you DESERVE. Let our team handle your case for you and negotiate on your behalf. 

Did you know that you could be entitled to multiple types of compensation after your Phoenix car wreck? This is another reason why you need to hire a metro Phoenix accident attorney. You shouldn’t have to worry about the different compensation types; that’s why you hire The Law Badgers. We know the different types and what to ask for, and we will help you get the compensation you deserve for your Phoenix car accident. Here are just a few types of compensation—

  • Medical bills, current, and future;
  • Loss of earnings, present and future;
  • Disability;
  • Pain and suffering;
  • And more

All of the attorneys at The Law Badgers have won trials, so you can be sure we’re here to help you as long as it takes. With over 60 years of collective experience, the Law Badgers PLLC is down to fight for you and your Phoenix car accident case. Not only are The Law Badgers down to fight for you, but we won’t get paid unless we win your case. It’s as simple as that.

If you’ve been injured and need a lawyer who will fight for your rights, call Law Badgers at 1.833.383.4448 (833 DTF IGHT) or email us at info@lawbadgers.com. We’re here to help.

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