When traveling with marijuana – especially abroad, it is important to be aware of the different drug laws in each country. Drug possession and usage may be legal in the United States, but if you don’t check the laws of the country you are traveling to, you could face serious fines and even imprisonment. Currently, this issue is international news. The Brittney Griner situation is a prime example. The Phoenix Mercury star was recently detained in Russia for attempting to bring marijuana into the country. While marijuana is legal in some states in America, it is still illegal in Russia. If you are caught with drugs in Russia, you could face severe penalties, including jail time.

Drug possession is a serious offense, and travelers need to be aware of the laws in the countries they are visiting.

Sometimes people think that because possession of marijuana is legal where they reside, that it will be just fine to carry the same on an airplane. This could not be further from the truth.

First, keep in mind that the TSA is a Federal organization in the United States. Marijuana is not legal federally. It may be legal even between states you are traveling to, but if you head to the airport, you can face fines and charges from the Federal Government.

If you are traveling internationally, and you make it through the TSA check, you will then face customs in the country you land. All bets are off at that point. You may get extremely lucky and not have your marijuana discovered. However, just knowing that you are taking that chance means you are committing a potential crime.

Nothing brought this to the forefront more than the Brittney Griner situation. She was heading to Russia to do her job – playing for a Russian basketball team – and, yet, she was found in possession and sentenced to nine years in prison – due to Russia’s draconian marijuana laws.

We all want her back. We all hope for her release back to the United States, but it is a grim reminder of the penalties anyone can face. It’s not worth it.

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