By now, we’ve all heard or seen the public service ads urging us not to text and drive. Texting and driving is not only dangerous, it is illegal in Arizona.  In this Badger Blog post, we take a look at what Arizona law has to say on the topic of cellphone use while driving.


Unless your car is stopped, you cannot operate it on a street or highway if you are holding or supporting “with any part of [your] body” a “stand-alone electronic device” or a portable wireless communication device [cell phone]. You can, however, use your cellphone with an earpiece, headphone or device worn on the wrist to conduct voice-based communication.  A.R.S. § 28-914 A. 1.


Unless your car is stopped, you cannot write, send or even read texts, emails, instant messages, or internet data. You can, however, use voice-based communications to direct the writing, reading or sending or other communicating of any text-based communication. You can also use your cell phone or other device, “when used in a hands-free manner” for navigation, GPS, or obtaining motor vehicle information. A.R.S. § 28-914 A. 2.

Third, and to reiterate the first two points, KNOW THE LAW.

You are not allowed to hold or support your phone with any part of your body while driving or stopped in traffic unless you are using it for voice-based communication, navigation, GPS, or obtaining motor vehicle information. The only way to do this and stay within the law is to use it hands-free.

Using your phone while driving is not only against the law, it can be deadly. As we discussed before, distracted driving leads to accidents and can be fatal. It just isn’t worth it. If you absolutely need to use the phone in a manner that is illegal, pull over. Don’t risk a ticket, your life, or other peoples’ lives.

The statute does not apply to the use of a device, such as an interface embedded in your car, that allows communication without the use of either hand, except to activate or deactivate the device. It also contains certain exceptions for law enforcement and for the reporting of illegal activity or to summon emergency help.

Violations of the above subject the offender to civil penalties. Hope you learned something.

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