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Slip and Fall Accident in Phoenix

Injured in a slip and fall Accident? If you've been injured in a slip and fall accident, you may be wondering what your options are. In many cases, slip and fall accidents are covered by premises liability law. This means that if the property owner was negligent in...

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Fourth of July is Upon Us, Phoenix. Celebrate Responsibly

The Law Badgers WANT YOU TO CELEBRATE THE FOURTH OF JULY, RESPONSIBLY   AMERICA's BIRTHDAY There’s nothing more American than the 4th of July. It’s a day we can all come together, despite our differences, and celebrate the birth of our great country and the many...

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Soft Tissue Injuries Phoenix Arizona

WHAT are SOFT TISSUE INJURIES? Soft Tissue Injuries – in the context of an accident case – have a very simple meaning. It means that you may have been in a low-impact collision, or survived a much more powerful collision without breaking any bones or rupturing...

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Accident and Injury Checklist

You've been in a car accident and are rightfully upset and in shock. What do you do? Being involved in an accident is one of the most scary and nerve-wracking things that can happen to you. It's tough to understand the shock and disorientation that can occur - unless...

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Car Diminished Value – What is it?

The Law Badgers look at your car diminished value damages in every case.   What is CAR DIMINISHED VALUE? Car diminished value - in the context of an accident case - has a very simple meaning. It means that because your car was in an accident, the resale value of...

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Let’s Talk About UIM – Phoenix Arizona Car Accident

It should be illegal for Insurance Companies to NOT include these coverages for YOU! Let's talk for a minute about Insurance. If you are in a Phoenix Arizona Car Accident, Insurance companies are quick to deny coverage when you do not carry Underinsured or Uninsured...

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