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October 6, 2022


In a previous Badger Blog post, we discussed road rage in Arizona. This is a follow up on that post. One of our pet peeves is when drivers use their horns to express frustration or impatience (or rage) with another driver.

no horns

It is highly annoying. 

The speed with which some drivers resort to the use of the horn suggests that they spend their entire driving experience with a hand on the horn, waiting for the slightest thing that ticks them off

Then, the driver immediately blares away. These are likely not happy people. They are probably aggressive drivers, and their overly zealous use of the horn is, thankfully, illegal.

Arizona law requires that vehicles be equipped with a horn capable of emitting sound audible for 200 feet. Unreasonably loud or harsh sounds or whistles are not allowed.

The law specifically provides that “If reasonably necessary to ensure the safe operation of a motor vehicle, the driver shall give an audible warning with the driver’s horn but shall not otherwise use the horn when on a highway.” A.R.S. § 28-954. Emphasis added. So you can use your horn when, for example, another vehicle is veering into you lane and about to side-swipe you. You cannot use your horn to express your anger that another vehicle is going too slow or simply won’t get out of you way, or delays by one second moving on a green light. Conversely, you should also not use your horn to express greetings to friends or family you meet along your way. When you see those signs that say “Honk if you support …..,”  DON’T!

Let’s make our highways more peaceful and chill for everyone’s sake. Be safe out there Arizona.

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