It’s that time of year. The weekends are all about football. Whether you’re tailgating or watching from home or at a friend’s house, nothing goes with football better than snacks and beer. Now we’re talking!

But before you get too caught up in the game and start drinking, make sure you have a plan for getting home safely. If you’re going to be drinking, don’t drive. That’s always the best and safest bet. But we know that sometimes things happen and people end up getting into the party spirit. Sometimes they don’t listen to advice and decide to drive home.

Just be careful out there. Arizona has very tough DUI laws. Mandatory jail time, suspension of license and stiff fines for a first offense – OUCH! Plus you don’t want to get in a wreck because you have been drinking. Uber, Lyft, cabs, public transportation are all options in the Valley. You don’t have to drink and drive.

If you’re tailgating with beer (or other adult beverages) make sure you have a designated driver to get folks safely home after the game. If you’re hosting the festivities, make sure you have plenty of food available, so people aren’t drinking on an empty stomach. Make sure nobody is getting too intoxicated, and don’t be afraid to cut them off if they are. Do not serve alcohol to minors. We covered this in a previous Badger Blog post.

But it bears repeating. Just don’t do it.

Also, if you see someone who has had too much to drink and is about to get behind the wheel, take their keys away and call them a cab or Uber. Do not let them drive! It’s not worth it.

We want you to celebrate as safely as you can. However, If you do get charged with DUI, you are going to need a tough, experienced lawyer on your side. You do not want to take on the State alone. Law Badgers is here to help. We are experienced trial lawyers who will stick with you and lead you through the legal process. If you get charged, call 833 DTF IGHT.

Fall is a great time of year – maybe our favorite. Let’s keep it safe and sane.

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