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Fourth of July is Upon Us, Phoenix. Celebrate Responsibly

The Law Badgers WANT YOU TO CELEBRATE THE FOURTH OF JULY, RESPONSIBLY   AMERICA's BIRTHDAY There’s nothing more American than the 4th of July. It’s a day we can all come together, despite our differences, and celebrate the birth of our great country and the many...

Soft Tissue Injuries

The Law Badgers fight for your rights - even if your injuries are Soft Tissue Injuries   What is it? Soft Tissue Injuries - in the context of an accident case - has a very simple meaning. It means that you may have been in a low-impact collision, or survived a...

Accident and Injury Checklist

 Scene of the Accident / Injury Checklist Check for injuries. If severe, call 911 Immediately. If able, move to next step. Do not make any statements regarding liability. Do not state you are not injured. Take Photos! Photos can make all the difference. Photograph...

Diminished Value – What is it?

Diminished value – in the context of an accident case – has a very simple meaning. It means that because your car was in an accident, the resale value of the vehicle has decreased. This is true even if you have the vehicle repaired.

Let’s Talk About UIM

If you’re in an accident, and it’s not your fault, but the other driver has no insurance and you’ve foregone UIM or underinsured, you are going to likely recover NOTHING. Why? because the person who chose to drive with no insurance will likely have minimal assets or no real assets to chase. It is common sense. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE save yourself the headache. For approximately $5 per month, you could cover your bacon!!!